How Much Will My New Kitchen Cost?

The absolute minimum a fitted kitchen will cost is around £3000 for a small, very basic kitchen. This assumes the kitchen is designed and installed by a professional company like ourselves. DIY kitchens from stores like Wicks or Ikea may be cheaper in price but without skilled design and installation they will never be as good.

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Kitchen Costs Checklist

Kitchen Basics

  • How many cabinets do you have? [ ___ ]
  • How many metres of worktop are there? [ ___ ]


Trade Work

A new fitted kitchen always requires some trade work.

  • Plumbing (e.g. moving the sink or washing machine) [ Yes / No ]
  • Electrical (e.g. moving power points or installing lights) [ Yes / No ]
  • Gas (e.g. moving a gas supply) [ Yes / No ]
  • Plastering, Painting & Decorating [ Yes / No ]
  • Tiling & Splashbacks [ Yes / No ]
  • Flooring (e.g. new carpet or tiles) [ Yes / No ]

A Kitchen Costs Whatever You Want To Spend

flickr_125233660_14537618060_ed5f3c8b55_z Beyond the absolute basic kitchen it is possible to spend as much as you like. The size of the kitchen is not very important. What drives up the cost of kitchen is quality of the materials. For example, a budget worktop can easily cost less than £100 but the same sized worktop in solid granite will cost over £1000. A similar range in costs applies to very other element of the kitchen – taps can cost from £20 to a mind-blowinging £7500 and there plenty of other kitchen gadgets and designer features available. It is easy to make your kitchen cost more than your house.

Kitchen Costs – More Details

Find out more information on the cost of kitchen using our My Kitchen Price Guide. Our database contains a vast range of worktops, taps, sinks and kitchen appliance available, all with guide prices. Using our ‘My Kitchen’ function you can work out roughly how much your kitchen will cost for appliances, cabinets and worktops. The prices listed in the guide are not the cheapest you may find but are a fair indicator of what you can expect to pay.

The True Cost Of A Kitchen

The only truly accurate way find out the cost of a new kitchen is to arrange a quotation from a fitted kitchen designer.

Call Arnold Interiors on Nottingham (0115) 882 8115 to arrange a visit from one of our kitchen design team.

Kitchen Jargon Explained

Just like anything else, fitted kitchens have their own jargon and terminology. When budgeting for your kitchen it is important to know the difference between the types of products available. Selecting a cheaper product reduces your kitchen’s cost but it might lack the quality or features you want.

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Kitchen worktops are split into three broad types: Laminates, Solid and Acrylic. A laminate has a hard wearing outer layer around a wood core. They are the most common worktop because they are cost effective and come in a huge range of colours.

Acrylic worktops made from a solid block of hard plastic moulded to the required shape. They are both stylish and tough enough for the busiest of family kitchens but are available in a range of colours and styles. They are more expensive than laminate but still offer good value for money.

Solid worktops are, as the name suggests, a worktop made from one material all the way through such as granite or oak. They look and feel fantastic, giving the whole kitchen an extra-special feature. However they are expensive. Even for a small kitchen they can add over £1000 to the cost.

Thanks to the network of suppliers built up over 20 years we can offer worktops from brands like Axioum, Duropal and Bushboard. We can supply solid granite quartz worktops at highly competitive prices. Many of our worktops come direct from the importer and straight into kitchens which cuts out the middlemen and keeps the cost down. Call our kitchen designers on Nottingham (0115) 882 8115 for more information.

Pot on hob

Hobs, Ranges and Ovens

One of the advantages of a fitted kitchen is that the traditional ‘cooker’ is split into a hob and an oven. These can be placed separately in the kitchen for a more efficient layout. It also lets you mix and match the appliances to meet your requirements. Four main types of hobs are available: ceramic bobs, electric hobs, gas hobs and induction hobs. Each type is available with a wide range of features and in a variety of sizes. This means they also have a wide range of prices so their impact on the cost of your kitchens depends very much on which you select.

The cost of an oven is dependent on its capacity. Ovens are classed as either single ovens or double ovens but this refers to how many kitchen units they occupy. Even a single oven can have two actual ovens. Ovens with additional features will add to the cost but there are only a limited number of gadgets which can be added to a conventional oven. Ovens may be gas or electric and microwave ovens are also available. For the budget conciousness wishing to keep their kitchen costs down, we recommend a cheap, free standing microwave from any electrical store rather than a costly built in model.

For a more traditional but luxury approach, consider a range cooker. These combine hobs and ovens into a single, stylish units. For the serious cook there is nothing better.

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Cabinets, Doors & Handles

Cabinets or Units are the spine of a fitted kitchen, providing the structure and shape of the room. Cabinets are normally rigid units which gives them strength and durability but flat-packed units are also available for those keeping the cost of their kitchen down.

Kitchen units are like icebergs as most of a unit is hidden from sight. The only visible part is the door and a wide range of different door styles are available. They fall into three broad categories: Flat faced modern / contemporary designs; the sharp, straight, functional lines of traditional / shaker style furniture; or the curved, decorative lines of the traditional country / cathedral style kitchens. Each type of door has many variants and is available in many colours.

Most kitchen cabinet doors are laminates – a tough outer coating around a wood core. The keeps the kitchen’s cost down and enables a huge variety in colours and finishes. For those with a bigger budget there are solid wood doors in oak, ash, walnut and other types of timber. These give the kitchen a warm, natural look but do add significantly to the kitchen’s cost.

There is more to a cabinet or a set of draws than meets the eye. A variety of storage solutions are available including pull-out larders, corner drawers and narrow cabinets. Specialist suppliers like Blum even options such as servo-assisted opening & closing.

The finishing touch to a fitted kitchen cabinet are the handles for the cabinet doors and draws. There are a countless number of different designs available and Arnold Interiors often use Hafele.

Worktop ideas

Sinks & Taps

Everything else might be optional but every kitchen needs a sink. With 21st century technology there are now many different options – traditional, porcelain Belfast sinks; cheap, practical stainless steel sinks; composite plastic sinks; and even glass sinks. The sinks can be fitted either as inset (like most fitted kitchens) or undermounted for stylish, sleek look. Stainless steel sinks are very cheap and a good option for anyone looking to keep down their kitchen’s cost.

The important question with a sink is how big or how many sinks you need. The size will have some impact on the cost of a kitchen but what the sink is made of will be more important to your budget. A single bowl is the most common and cheapest form of sink but one & half bowl sinks are popular. This have a small, second sink which can be used for disposing of waste liquids or peeling vegetables wile the main bowl is in use. Double bowl sinks take this idea further and have two full sized sinks. Alternatively, smaller sinks are available for kitchens in a limited space. These are known as quarter bowl, half bowl and three quarter bowl sinks.

A sink is nothing without taps and there are thousands of designs available. Decide if you wish to have single taps (i.e. one tap for the hot water and one for the cold water) or monobloc / mixer taps which combines hot & cold water. There are even boiling water taps which are mixer taps with an additional element which creates boiling water on demand. For just a taste of what is available have a look at the range of taps from CDA, a Nottingham-based manufacture and supplier. Taps will probably only make up a small part of your kitchen’s costs but it is possible to hundreds or thousands of pounds on a single tap.


Sexy & Unsexy Appliances

The modern fitted kitchen has much more than the basic cooker & sink of old and now incorporates appliances like washing machines, dryers and dishwashers as well as fridge/freezers. These are not glamorous or sexy gadgets but are everyday essentials and can be part of your fitted kitchen. A wide range is available as built-in units which can be hidden behind cabinet doors to give your kitchen a look of seamless style.

It is possible to lower the cost of a kitchen by using free-standing appliances which can be placed anywhere. This also allows the re-use of existing appliances. While this approach cuts the kitchen’s cost it does so by sacrificing the look of a kitchen. If you are spending money on beautiful but expensive worktops and cabinets then it is a false saving to have free-standing appliances spoiling the neat lines of your kitchen.

There are also the more exotic and sexy appliances: Luxury items like coffee machines, wine coolers and beer dispenses which can be built into your bespoke kitchen. These add significantly to a kitchen’s cost but they are true luxuries.

The seemingly mundane extractor fan can now be a high cost, luxury item. Highly stylised extractors add to the modern look of a kitchen and become focal points to the design. Obviously, these hi-tech fans add significantly to the cost of a kitchen but budget models are available and should be considered essential in kitchens lacking adequate ventilation.

Need Help?

If you need any help understanding the options or want advice on how much a fitted kitchen will cost then call one of our kitchen designers on Nottingham (0115) 882 8115